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About The Artist

Sarah is an artist and designer based in New York City. Her line of beautiful, modern textiles for the home are created from original works of art called monotypes. Sarah is drawn to the monotype printing process because it always includes an element of surprise and incorporates natural and found elements resulting in one-of-a kind prints.

Her inspiration stems from reflections and emotions of things she sees in her everyday life in NYC, memories of her travels and her childhood growing up near the ocean in Massachusetts. Through art, she incorporates her keen sense of color, design and the Yin and Yang of calm and bustling energy creating both classical and modern designs. She likes adding impressions of objects made by man and natural elements resulting in one-of-a kind prints.

Her line of products are designed to be mixed and matched and complement a wide variety of decor styles. Sarah believes in making art functional and a beloved part of your living space.

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